4 Points to Identify the Diaper Rash that Affect Baby

Diaper rash irritates the baby very much. There are many causes of appearing the diaper rash onto the bottom of baby. And the diaper rashes can appear other parts of the body except diaper area. It is little bit difficult to identify the diaper rash. But it is quite necessary to perfectly identify them for applying proper treatment to remove. For this purpose parents should aware about different kind of diaper rashes and their treating process. See more.

There are some common rashes those irritate the baby. But matter of determining their type is a confusing issue. They may allergies, detergent, suede cloth sensitivity, ye yeast, sun burn etc. Whatever the rashes are, a proper removing process or certain treatment is necessary for giving relief the baby very quickly.

Our one and half years’ baby has been suffering from diaper rashes for a long time, and we often keep worried about it. We noticed different type of rashes affect the baby at different times. We had been used several diaper rash cream for treating them. Now she is little better. From this bitter experience, I would like to share with you the diaper rashes may affect your baby.

Identifying diaper rash
Diaper rash looks like

Following will be the identifying criterion of diaper rash as I found;
1. Wearing diaper for a long span of time is a cause of appearing diaper rash onto the bottom of your baby. Then you may see some redness on the skin though that will not so sever.

2. When you will see raised, prickly rash often on the baby’s skin, it may be yeast rash. We have found them like small red spots, like pin prick. This type of rashes will last for even more than two or three days and may not be removed with applying of normal diaper rash cream.

3. When your baby eat a lot of fruits and move outside for a long time in a sunny day, a kind of rash may appear on the skin of the baby. Some parts of skin may be seen like a sun burn and this type of rash caused off acidic and sun ray.

4. Some skin allergies may occur because off allergy food, detergent, ointment or a material in the disposable diapers. It you find a ring around the anus, this may be a food allergy and if the rashes appear on whole diaper area, it may cause of diaper or detergent. And if you use cloth diaper it almost certain that it’s rash of allergy.

There are many other kinds of rash appears onto the bottom and the body skin of your baby. As you wear the diaper to your baby frequently, you should aware about the diaper rash first so that you can take necessary action for removing them quickly. But you will of course be familiar with other kind of rashes as all are culprits and irritate your baby very much. And a proper treatment is quite necessary for removing them.

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